Genetic Algorithms

I’m re-re-re-re-starting trying to build a program that uses a genetic algorithm to draw images using triangles. Like my blog that I keep “restarting.” Like everything in my pathetic life. This sushi is like your life, many things started and nothing finishedLast week I read An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms by Melanie Mitchell as a primer. It’s a good book that talks about the history, various technics and mathematics behind understanding GAs. That said, I could never shake the feeling that the central theme of the book was “They’re an interesting way to program things, but we’re not sure what they’re good for and are most likely just a bad form a hill climbing.” I wasn’t too bothered by this, because my goal with this program is to learn more about GAs and not build scalable, efficient machine learning algorithms.

I had an old version of this program that made pretty good images (see the panda on this earlier post, or this one). I then remade a shitty version of the program, like 2 years ago, that I managed to get working again as well. It takes longer and produces worse results, more proof that I am declining in my old age.

Crystal maiden image compared to the same image rendered only in triangles

I sketched out a rough plan of my revised algorithm over the weekend, and now it’s finally time to implement. Too bad it’s been ages since I’ve written any code let alone ceepeepee. Wish me luck.

Punk Rock Songs

I heard the lyric “A punk rock song won’t ever change the world but I can tell you about a couple that changed me” from the song Fuck Shit Up┬áby Wingnut Dishwashers Union and envisioned it embroidered on a piece of cloth. Instead I turned it into my second piece of pixel art.

I’m not sure where the trans themes got mixed in. I suspect it has to do with the part of the lyric “that changed me” and having the idea while waiting for electrolysis. I was always into punk, but it’s definitely not responsible for me transitioning.
A punk rock song won't ever change the world but I can tell you about a couple that changed me

Something Cute

I finally succeeded in drawing something cute instead of angry/sad/tired. It was a sketch I did in about an hour in bed. I think my outline of the drawing turned out better than the final inking, but eh what can you do. Good start to a new style, and glad to break through and draw something happy for once.
Chinese girl with green eyes, skull hair pin and red shirt with the characters zisha on it.