Broken Bone, Broken Person

This is an addendum to the drawing I posted yesterday.

Months ago, when I started drawing this, I didn’t know what it was I was drawing, or why I was drawing it. I saw the creature’s shape in the fibers of a hanging hand towel and felt compelled to sketch it out. Upon completion and reflection it seems to me this drawing is a representation my past depression.

The setting is a dark woods, a symbol of suicide. The sky is lighter near the horizon, indicating that the sun has just set, or is just about to rise. I think the sun is rising by the way the creature seems to be leaving the forest.

The creature is representative of several dimensions of my depression and past suffering. It floats off the ground, detached from the world, but still in it. The body is diseased, the creature has a rotten core. The face is blind, those who cannot see cannot leave the forest. The teeth sharp and cruel like my words were. The outer shell resembles a broken bone, my daily, throbbing pain. I don’t remember what the antlers are about :p

This post is a bit self indulgent and perhaps comes off as a case of 2egdy4u or over thinking. Either way, I figured I’d share for posterity’s sake. For anyone wondering, I don’t identify with the drawing.

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