Triangles: Finally

A long time ago, I built a rudimentary program that would take an image, take a number of triangles, and do it’s best to recreate that image using the triangles. I also created a blog to talk about the program and the algorithmic choices I made while building it.

Today I’m pleased to announce that the project is restarted!
Screen Shot of Generated Triangles

In my infinite wisdom, I took down the blog content from my server, and the code from my GitHub and saved them locally onto my laptop.* While I was moving to San Jose my car was robbed u__u;; and I lost all my work.
My Ford Escape with two windows smashed I did get a half pack of cigarettes, a crack pipe and a rock in exchange; so it wasn’t a complete disaster.

The good news is that as of last weekend, the project is back on. I spent a long night trying to remember C++ well enough to hack together a shadow of what the program was before with the hope that it one day outshine its predecessor.

Check out this example using a red panda who has become the “Lenna” of this project.

Red Panda staring into the camera Same image as above but created with translucent trianglesSo with that in mind I’ll be posting periodic updates on my Twitter and larger updates and lessons learned on this blag.

You can laugh at my pitiful attempt to re-enter coding here.

Update: I used to have a website up where it was drawing stuff but that fell apart too.

*Why did you not have a backup?

1) Because I am not a clever man.
2) Because I was undergoing a name change, and was changing hosts as part of hosting them under a new account.

One more time…

This is definitely not my first blog. If its past incarnations are any indication, this will also not be my last. My blogs are like Iodine-131; they decay in a little over a week and being near them isn’t good for your health.

Ok, enough of that. Let’s get this first post out of the way so I can write about something substantive.

Substantive things like:

Red panda sleeping on a tree branch Mostly corvids, [ red ] pandas, orcas, octopuses and doggos.

Computer Science
Squid SICP Girl Projects, Algorithms, AI, etc… The usual stuff.

Existentialism Philosophy
Deep Dark Fears ComicI want to stop staring into the void but it’s everywhere.

Tranny Bullshit (TBS)
I would rather pee my pants than go back to being a manLots of this for the next year because it’s always on my mind and when it’s not I’m constantly reminded.

With a smattering of ranting, whinging and self aggrandizement thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and before I forget. I like this theme a great deal but it’s actually really awful for presenting most of the content I’ll be presenting. But the dark background and typewriter-esque text reminds me of the stupid websites I used to read as a child late into the night.