One more time…

This is definitely not my first blog. If its past incarnations are any indication, this will also not be my last. My blogs are like Iodine-131; they decay in a little over a week and being near them isn’t good for your health.

Ok, enough of that. Let’s get this first post out of the way so I can write about something substantive.

Substantive things like:

Red panda sleeping on a tree branch Mostly corvids, [ red ] pandas, orcas, octopuses and doggos.

Computer Science
Squid SICP Girl¬†Projects, Algorithms, AI, etc… The usual stuff.

Existentialism Philosophy
Deep Dark Fears ComicI want to stop staring into the void but it’s everywhere.

Tranny Bullshit (TBS)
I would rather pee my pants than go back to being a manLots of this for the next year because it’s always on my mind and when it’s not I’m constantly reminded.

With a smattering of ranting, whinging and self aggrandizement thrown in for good measure.

Oh, and before I forget. I like this theme a great deal but it’s actually really awful for presenting most of the content I’ll be presenting. But the dark background and typewriter-esque text reminds me of the stupid websites I used to read as a child late into the night.